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A Wild Eevee appeared!

For 0shinyeevee0's contest thing ayy i hope u like


a mix bc they r otp 4 life | cover by this talented person (used with permission)

- It’s Oh So Quiet // Björk - Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas) // Regina Spektor - I Would Do Anything For You // Foster the People - Green Eyes // Coldplay - Eavesdropping // The Civil Wars - Awake // Secondhand Serenade - Yeah, I’m in Love With an Android // Say Hi to Your Mom - Make Love // Daft Punk - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) // Flight Facilities - Flawless // Studio Killers


aaaaaa!!! look at this! im so flattered someone wanted to use my art as a cover. anyways please listen to this its very good!

mfw i cant draw bara

really really quick thing for bleedshark haha

i saw that she was first in the “biggest fans” and i was like “y not”

thebunnyandbear replied to your post: ((oh my god this is the most amount o…

It’s coz your art is really fucking good bro


((oh my god this is the most amount of notes ive ever gotten on one post thank you so much and im really glad too uwaahh))

its not even autumn yet and im already drawing cute winter clothes hueah

owl captainnnn _(:3 」∠)_

infenart ASKED →

ye fuken pussy I finished drawing NSFW while watching NSFW stream in the living room

the screen faces the living room goml bitch

i just drew kageyama eatin ass

my mom is in the room

i started thinkin about dtmg again god dammit

please take away my feelings i don't want to feel anymore



idk just a thought

idk just a thought